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The World War II was the real-life experimental site for antibiotics. The efficacy of antibiotics soon earned them the elixir status and after the war, these powerful medicines were widely introduced across the globe. Owing to its rapid analgesic effect and the ability to speed up recovery, the efficacy of antibiotics was duly recognised and the demand for such medicines was simply overwhelming. This prompted keen money-making business endeavours from the investors, who popularised the use of antibiotics in the professional medical field. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came into play soon after that as the assessment (regulation and supervision) platform, combining academics and medical field, commercialization, science and technology into a cohesive chain, in the name of public health.  

In the post 1960s era, the side effects of antibiotics were making the headlines for the wrong reasons. This called for the public attention to the likely side effects induced by the western medicines.

In the natural aging process, the metabolic rate is slower than that of cell regeneration. This adds burden to the normal metabolism. Over time, as metabolic slowdown dominates the process, the aging of the skin and body becomes more prevalent.    

From the anti-aging and immunity perspective, in order to control the proliferation of bacteria and virus-infected cells, the body's metabolic rate must surpass the diffusion rate of bacteria and viruses. When the body’s metabolic rate becomes slow due to certain adverse circumstances, medication is justifiable.  

Be it delaying the aging process or boosting the immune system to inhibit viral proliferation, it has everything to do with cell regeneration and the metabolic rate. And what affects cell regeneration and metabolism depends on the adequacy of intracellular water.

This provides a clearer picture of: dehydration, cell regeneration, metabolism, and aging. Motivated by the persistent pursuit of natural health, AGE REVERSAL TECHNOLOGY (AR TECH) was finally born 15 years ago after nearly 50 years of extensive research and trials.

The natural AR Technology, which is formulated without the presence of medicine, is capable of delaying the proliferation of a variety of streptococci (a group of bacteria). It is specifically developed to boost intracellular water ratio, accelerate cell activation and regeneration rate to minimize allergens in the body and remedy cell activation disorders, and normalize metabolism.

Proudly, AR TECH is the core technology of IONMAN, which invigorates the skin, subcutaneous tissue, glands, cartilage, periosteum and bone marrow density.

IONMAN champions: topical, natural drug-free formula, instead of the abundantly available oral drugs. This is the unwavering faith that IONMAN has been living on all along.











这样的说明,能让大家对:脫水,细胞再生能力,代谢,和老化的定义,更加清楚。由于对自然健康的坚持,AGE REVERSAL TECHNOLOGY (AR TECH) 在背负着使命和坚持之下,经历了将近50年的研究和考验,终于在15年前诞生了!


纯天然 AR TECH 技术,配合无药配方,成功延缓多种链球菌的扩散,并提升细胞內的水分比,加速细胞活化及再生速度,成功降低体內的过敏原,细胞活化障碍,和代谢的的囤积。

AR TECH,是本公司的核心技术,它对人体牵连的范围,包括:肌肤,皮下组织,腺体,深至软骨,骨膜,进而牵动骨髓密度。





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