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Products Features:


To satisfy human demands of <<High Efficiency>> << Low Costs>> <<Good Cover>>, there are lot of business corporations under limited costs and conditions where they have no choice but to combine “synthetic drugs”, “heavy metal”, “hormone”, “antibiotic”, “Oxytocin”, “genetic modification” and other elements to meet the short-term expectation of customers. As a result of this circumstance, it brings a lot of side effect.


When human organ especially liver and kidney contaminated with these synthetic drugs, eventually it will become a burden to our body metabolism. Overflow of toxins are not decompose into fragments, it would not be discharge or excrete out through our intestine or urination. It will dissolved within blood cell and travel to the underneath of skin and excreted through pores.


But once granule is bigger, it will easy stack together, mix with sweat and become acidic particles that cause itchy skin, inflammation, allergic skin and other symptoms.

It may also due to diet especially acidic food that leads to skin diseases.

All these symptoms are considered as Allergy.


IonMistz Water Treatment Features:

  1. Fast in soothing irritated skin, helps to relieve allergy symptoms.

  2. Fast in moisturizing of the skin cell to maintain and activate skin metabolism.

  3. Fast in secure bacterial infection, remove unpleasant odour, Include body odour and external peculiar smell.

  4. Isolate external chemical especially from cosmetic: it is advice to apply IonMistz before using cosmetic.

  5. Fast reduce skin heat, better solution for control inflammation as well as prevention for disperse further: A healthy body must regulate the body temperature, as the healthy skin temperature is in cool condition

  6. Fast recover for injury: especially scratches, bleeding and fast staunch bleeding

  7. Drug free formula

  8. Able to apply continuously until the skin stable, or apply 1-4 hrs once as per needed.

IonMistz Ingredients:

Water, Sea salt, undergo AR technology manufacturing.

Recommemded Usage:

Spray on the affection part of body.

(For special condition: Every half an hour or four hours)








  1. 配合所有IONMAN Pro膏状产品使用最佳,它有提升产品的水溶性能,以及辅助迅速导入肌肤底层的功效,并明显达到高抗敏的功能 。

  2. 直喷脸上,可即刻提升肌肤局部的含氧量,迅速消除疲劳。

  3. 快速降温肌肤,抑制发炎及预防细菌扩散。(健康的身体是要保暖,肌肤则要降温)。

  4. 快速舒缓皮肤过敏,尤其是过敏瘙痒。

  5. 隔离外来化学元素,尤其是不明的化学化妆品。

IonMistz 的成分:


如何正确使用 IonMistz:




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