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Modern people who are so used to western medicine are facing a dilemma of justifying or rejecting the notion between ‘efficacy’ and ‘side effects’. The contradiction between ‘efficacy’ and ‘side effects’is intensifying and people are fearing for financial sustainability and physical pain prior to death!  

With rising world population shaping our demography, contamination of our natural food is an inevitable crisis. Nevertheless, IONMAN is resolute in upholding its core values and ideas for the betterment of mankind through an innovative healthcare solution.

Now take a look at the contaminated grass and birth defects in cattle; skin irritations caused by problematic infant formula; childhood bone hypoplasia; inexplicable endocrine disorders; premature aging; depression, hair loss, white hair syndrome; high blood pressure/ blood sugar/ cholesterol; and more and more young cancer patients in the making, the root cause is no other than satisfying the insatiable human needs – this triggers a war between ‘commercial interests and moral deviations’.   

The ‘good and bad’ about professionalism itself is defined by the ‘motives’ behind it. A good motive effectuates professionalism to the core while an ill motive kills off professionalism. Owing to ‘commercial interests’, many so called ‘professional products’ and ‘professional knowledge’ are outrageously manipulated and distorted!

Fortunately, after eight years of human experimentation, AR TECH officially greeted the world with its revolutionary efficacy, producing desired results on the treatment of skin problems, bones and endocrine disorders, and aging (age-delaying capability). Adding to the good news, IONMAN products are moderately priced (low-to-mid pricing) to benefit as many consumers as possible while inducing good karma and blessings among enterprises.   

We strongly believe that upholding the righteousness of our cause in the way we promote our products to the masses is the right direction to move forward.  

Established on a solid and technologically advanced foundation, we are expanding our AR TECH portfolio to include a long list of nature-inspired products such as topical healthcare series, skincare series, pregnancy and maternity products, baby supplies, pet series, and daily supplies.

In anticipation of the arrival of those innovative products, we are actively fine-tuning our retail mechanics to pair with the foolproof aftersales service system so that everyone can easily get connected with us online and offline for instant servicing.

Since its inception in October last year, IONMAN has been receiving countless favourable comments from the consumers. We feel deeply honoured and obliged to upgrade our existing production line to yet another high-quality setup, in order to meet the higher international production standards. 

Without a doubt, IONMAN is truly committed to championing a ‘career and life community’, gathering people with shared values and ideas, good performance, and good learning and leading capabilities, as team members (partners). Within five years, top achievers will be inducted into the core-elite team of the company for long-term, strategic partnership to blossom the brand equity of IONMAN.    

At IONMAN, we are all geared up to scale greater heights. For us, all the good things begin with solid preparations. Driven by our collective effort and positive feedback from the consumers, the glorious days lying ahead are ours to bask in. Yes, together, we can do it!    












庆幸的是,AR TECH 经过了8年的人体测试,我们见证了肌肤,骨骼,內分泌,延缓老化的实际效果,并坚持以中低价位,让大部分的消费群,能从中受惠,也为企业累计广大的善缘和福报。


AR TECH以超前科技为基础,我们即将开发多种系列的天然产品,包括:外用保健系列,护肤系列,孕妇系列,婴儿用品系列,宠物系列,日常用品等。



毫无疑虑的,公司提倡「事业生命共同体」。那些具有共同价值,理念,表现良好,而具能力夥伴,将会在5年之內,被邀请参与企业的核心干部,长期共同经营IONMAN 事业。


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