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D10’s Product Features

To enhance sleep quality

To de-stress

To stabilize emotions

To normalize metabolism system

The catchy word of D10's ’derives from the ‘de-tense’, which means ‘de-stress’. It connotes the action of releasing bodily or mental tension. In other words, it’s about how you ‘relax’ your body or mind.

The irony is that our very demanding modern living keeps pushing our ‘basic needs’ and ‘materialistic needs’ to new levels.

It gives rise to a kind of self-expectation that creates an ‘impalpable pressure (or stress)’ with insidious onset, be it driven from within or external inducement. What is certain is that this kind of invisible duress is creeping into our lives.  

If you think that your body can bear the pressure (stress) within the limits, you are unknowingly developing a risky habit.

This is because there comes a time when stress overload takes over your body. You become a victim of ‘life imbalance’ or ‘physiological disorders’.

For stress, it’s very difficult to make an accurate prognosis based on ‘lifestyles’, ‘psychological factors’ or ‘hormonal imbalance’. Medically, it is hard to classify it as a type of ‘disease’. Given the fact it’s not a disease by nature, treating it with medication, fundamentally, may be inappropriate.

Bear in mind that ‘stress’ provokes ‘imbalance’! The good news is that there’s always a way to take good care of your mental health with the correct concept in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the key functions of D10’s?

D10s boasts three key mechanisms to ease stress in a short time.

We group these three mechanisms into ‘SSA’:


S - Soothing 

Consciousness Relax and Tension Relief 

(to relax yourself)


S - Smoothing 

Promotes Blood and Energy Circulation 

(to promote blood circulation)


A - Antioxidant 

Vessel Blockage Prevention (to unleash antioxidant property)


Product Main Ingredients:

Olive leaf extracts

Grape seed extracts

Wild yam extracts

D10's 产品说明


滋阴排毒 ~ 延长熟睡 ~ 启动免疫力和细胞修复力





D10’s的成分萃取橄榄叶和葡萄籽,经过HDC AGE REVERSAL的技术处理后,从启动最原始但不依赖的排毒机制,让身体达到意识放松,血液循环及抗氧化的效能,当身体毒素减少,就能有效延长熟睡,增强免疫力及启动身体修复能力的功效。


排毒范围包括: 甲状腺体,腋下淋巴,腹部,腹股沟,大腿内侧



以测试睡眠表为准则 ,未涂抹D10’s的前一个星期测试熟睡深度,涂抹后开始正式测试比较。 D10’s的排毒功效,除了有效帮助睡眠外,对于尿酸的嘌呤代谢,也非常有效,它能迅速消炎和舒解尿酸所引起的酸痛。

涂抹方法:  每晚睡前涂


D10’s 的主要功能是什么?




S - Soothing 

  • 意識放鬆

S - Smoothing 

  • 血液循環

A - Antioxidant 

  • 抗氧化






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