Ezzie Sports Series Product Introduction

Sports, health and fashion are 3-in-1 combination in this new era. Besides water, oxygen, carb-cutting and joint support protection, Ezzie is the most effective and most economical method to a healthier lifestyle.


Ezzie series products implement high throughput technologies which connect the body’s kinetic mechanism simultaneously by topical application. It works effectively in 

maintaining physical strength, shortening warm-up time, enhancing body's flexibility and torque support, reducing sports injuries and promoting sports as pleasure in life.

Ezzie Sports Series


Your  Energy Connector 



運動, 健康, 和時尚, 在新世紀是三合一的結合體。

除了水分, 氧份, 少量碳水化合物, 和關節骨架支撐保護,“尤勁”是最有效率, 和最有符合成本效益保健方式。“尤勁”系列産品, 采用高效能生物物理技術, 以外敷方式, 瞬間銜接體內的動能, 有效維持體力, 縮短暖身至爆發點的時間距離, 提高骨架前進動力和扭力的彈性支持度, 減低運動傷害, 把運動提升成為一種生活的樂趣。

Main Features:
  • Accelerate warm-up
  • Enhance joint toughness
  • Reduce sports injuries
  • Link moment explosive
  • Enhance endurance​​

Endurance and Stamina Booster


  • 加速暖身

  • ​增加關節韌度  

  • 減少運動傷害

  • 銜接瞬間爆發了

  • ​增強耐力

​J配方        50gm

Main Ingredients:

  • Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract

  • Organic Sage (Salvia Officinalis) 

  • Dioscorea Villosa Root Extract

  • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract

  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein 

  • 玉米萃取

  • 鼠尾草萃取 

  • 淮山萃取 

  • 葡萄籽萃取

  • 水解大豆萃取

Accelerate Workout Recovery


补氧宝      50gm      

Main Features:
  • Enhance Metabolism
  • Start up body rest mode
  • Fast energy restore
  • 加強循環機能

  • 啓動身體休息狀態

  • ​迅速恢複體能

Main Ingredients:
  • Dioscorea Villosa Root Extract
  • Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract
  • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract
  • Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract


  • 淮山萃取

  • 橄榄葉萃取

  • 葡萄籽萃取

  • ​松樹皮萃取

How to use? 

Step 1: Formula J

Apply on the whole spine and the related joint support area before exercise.

Step 2: Oxygenic

Apply on neck, abdomen, armpits and the discomfort joint after exercise and bath.

Step 3: Formula J

After applying Oxygenic, apply Formula J on spine.


步驟1: J配方


步驟2: 補氧寶


步驟3: J配方



Water-Soluble Oxygen Repair Factor for "Sports Injuries"


Main Features:
  • Repairing "Immediacy Sport Injury" within 1 minute
  • Raising oxygen level immediately during exercise 
  • 1分鍾內快速修複「即時性運動創傷」

  • 瞬間補充運動短缺的氧分


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