1. What is aging or degradation?

Dehydration is a sign of aging, but not equal to cellular death. A dehydrated plant will wither, but it does not mean death. As long as it gets adequate watering in time, it will flourish again. So it the case for human cells.

For a normal person, water makes up some 70% of his or her body mass.

Soft tissue like the skin may contain up to 90% of water.

The percentage of water varies according to age. Fetal (90%), infants (80%), adults (60 - 70%), the elderly (50~60%).

Therefore, eating habits, medicine and degradation caused by aging are the key determinants behind dehydration symptoms, including knee cartilage deterioration, wrinkles, presbyopia, white hair, etc.



2. How does water retention in the body affect our health and aging?

When we lose 1~2% of water in our body, we feel thirsty.

When we lose up to 5% of it, dry mouth emerges and confusion sinks in; wrinkles develop, metabolic imbalance, skin allergies, etc.

When we lose 15~20% of water in our body, death is approaching. 



3. Is knee cartilage degeneration a sign of aging or dehydration?

Yes, both of them. Cartilage is characterized by gelatinous spongy body form and the damage to it, be it self-inflicted or accidental, or due to aging, is a symptom of dehydration. 



4. By consuming collagen and glucosamine, can it repair knee cartilage degradation?

Although glucosamine and collagen play a key role in lubricating and nourishing the collagen found in cartilage by holding as many water molecules as possible (as the building block of water), it does not mean the water they attract can be directly fused into the cartilage cells. This is likened to drinking a lot of water does not mean our body will be able to absorb all of its goodness. Therefore, consuming collagen and glucosamine could not specifically vouch for its efficacy.



5. Why applying IONMAN PRO helps get rid of the ‘kacha-kacha’ sound and knee pain in a short time?

The annoying ‘kacha-kacha’ joint friction sound is a result of dehydration on the veins and ligaments caused by the anti-lubrication action. The AR Technology incorporated into IONMAN Pro remedies the situation in the shortest possible time upon topical application. The product is specifically designed to relieve the affected cells from dehydration by practically triggering the internal hydration action. This happens when the spongy cells are moisturized to produce the lubrication effect as more and more blood flows smoothly, hence getting rid of the annoying ‘kacha-kacha’ sound alongside the knee pain.



6. How does the AR technology found in IONMAN Pro and IonMistz products work on the human body?

(Please refer to Question 2 at the same time)

As far as the skin is concerned, when it loses 5% of its water retention, wrinkles, slow and disrupted metabolism, clogged pores and allergies occur. Thanks to the revolutionary AR technology incorporated into IonMistz, the hydration effect begins to kick in merely 10 seconds upon application. When the skin stays hydrated, metabolism regains its normal functionality, hence saying goodbye to allergies.


By topically applying IONMAN PRO on the joints, the same AR technology helps promote water retention in the cartilage to remedy and prevent dehydration. This brings back the natural elasticity of the cartilage and the pain caused by pinched or damaged nerves and blood vessels will go away eventually.


The desired hydration may be reached within 20 minutes upon application. Each application generates water retention for a period of 2~5 hours. Therefore, applying IONMAN PRO 3~4 times a day promises the best results. However, to fully repair a damaged cartilage, it may take 3~6 months. For a complete regeneration of the cartilage, it may take 1~7 years, depending on the seriousness of the situation.


In conclusion, IONMAN PRO serves as an ideal joint-care product to prevent uncharacteristic joint deterioration. It is not medicine, but a daily necessity.


7. How does the AR technology found in IONMAN PRO work on the human body?

As far as the body is concerned, ‘dehydration’ connotes ‘aging’. The capability of our cellular fluid retention deteriorates as we grow older.


Collagen supplements are possibly the most common solution to aging or dehydration on the market. Even though the glue-like collagen boasts a high capability of sustaining water in the body, it does not mean the presence of collagen alone can directly or harmoniously gel with the body cells, or is compatible with the body cells. Many phenomena show that our body cells may produce a false impression of such compatibility.


Thanks to the revolutionary AR Technology, instant localised water replenishment (high density collagen tissue) is achieved within 10~20 minutes after application. In other words, the effect is better than the collagen we consumer into our body.

When our cells stay hydrated, the normal internal ‘lubrication and moisturization’ is achieved, hence inducing nourishment and regeneration. This helps remedy joints discomfort by gradually making it disappear.


For optimal nourishment and regeneration results, apply IONMAN Pro consistently for 3 to 6 months. For old injuries, the recovery takes a longer time.

AR 技術

1. 什麽是老化或退化?



正常人體中,水所占的百分比為70%,水分在柔性細胞(肌膚)的百分比高達90% ,胎兒90%,嬰兒80%,成年人60-70%,老年人50%~60%。


2. 人體內的水分,影響健康的老化比例為何?



當失水量達到 15%~20%時,人就會逐漸死亡。

3. 膝蓋軟骨退化,也是老化,或脫水現象?


4. 食用膠原蛋白,葡萄糖胺,可以修複膝蓋軟骨退化嗎?




5. 為何塗抹IONMAN Pro,膝蓋的卡擦卡擦聲,疼痛,可以在短時間內消失?

關節的磨擦聲,是筋絡和韌帶脫水,所造成的脫水性反潤滑作用。IONMAN Pro的AR TECH 技術,可以在短時間塗抹局部之後,幫助脫水細胞瞬間補充水分。當海綿細胞補充水分之後,潤滑的作用産生,血流量增加,血流順暢,卡擦卡擦聲,和疼痛自然就不見了。

6. AR TECH技術,如何在IONMAN Pro 和 IonMistz産品,和人體之間産生作用?

(參考問題 2)

對肌膚而言,細胞脫水5%,肌膚就會引起皺紋,代謝緩慢,毛孔堵塞和過敏産生。IonMistz 由于AR TECH 技術,能在噴灑10秒之後,開始補充肌膚的水分,當肌膚不再處于脫水狀態,正常代謝之後,過敏就不見了。

塗抹 IONMAN Pro在關節局部,AR TECH 技術可以幫助軟骨組織補充水分,當軟骨不再脫水,它就還原到具有彈性的狀態,因此壓迫神經的疼痛就自動消失。


因此,IONMAN Pro是預防關節老化的保養品,不是藥品,它是日常生活必須品。

7. AR 技術,如何讓IONMAN Pro和身體之間産生作用?




IONMAN Pro采用 AR 技術,能在塗抹10~20分鍾之後,直接迅速補充缺局部(高密度膠原蛋白組織)的水分,效果比起把膠原蛋白當作載體的功能更理想。 





AR TECH的補水技術,接近天然,目前經驗顯示,它不會與任何産品或藥物産生衝突,也是一種相融性非常高的外用保健品。

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